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Are you looking for a high quality
bike mount for a low price?

Enter: The Ride Case

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Perfect quality, strong, recommendable. Phone visible on your bike perfectly

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Great quality of phone case as well as the bicycle mount. Fits perfectly. Neat design Customer Rating 2

The Ultimate Bike Mount for your Phone

Are you looking for the easiest phone mounting system for your bike?

Tired of low quality phone holders breaking?

Looking for something that won't be robbed if you leave it on your bike?

The RideCase is the Ultimate Holder for your iPhone! The integrated design enables safety, security, accessibility, with a quick lock and release system that will never slow you down! Safety on the road is always a major concern. Having a hands-free option such as the RideCase Bike Mount provides the ability to use the phone while being safe on the road. Navigating directions has never been easier on a bike

Ride Case
With the Ride Case you will:

With the Ride Case you will:

  • - easily navigate directions
  • - have full use of Fitness Tracking Apps
  • - be safer on the road
  • - see who's calling or messaging you
  • - be able to monitor the weather
  • - be able to check battery and time
  • - view in portrait or landscape

The BikeMount attaches directly to the stem of the bike by the handlebars, which makes it stable and very difficult to steal.

As the BikeMount needs to attach the RideCase, there is no benefit for someone to steal the BikeMount which provides further security!

  • - Attaches directly to the stem of the bike
  • - Universal Attachment for any phone case
  • - Slim & Protective iPhone Phone case
  • - Optional Kickstand available for iPhone
  • - Made from Aluminium Alloy

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Buy Ride Case is The Ultimate Bike Mount for your Phone




Does this attachment work with every bike?

It works with most standard bike stems. Some customers have used some existing components from their slightly different bike stems to attach the Bike Mount. If you’re concerned, please send a photo of your bikes stem where the handlebar meets the steering tube. If the product does not fit, just simply send a photo of your bike stem, and once confirmed you can return the product and we’ll provide a refund.

What Comes in the Box?

- iPhone Case (if purchased)
- Phone Case Mount Attachment
- Bike Mount
- Allen Key

How does the Universal Attachment Work?

The Universal Attachment has an adhesive layer that you can use to attach to anything really that you would like to support on your bikes frame. It is designed to attach to your own phone case for any brand of device including Apple, Android, Windows, and any other phone device that you can buy a cover for. You could attach it straight to the phone itself although using a phone case is advised.